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Frequently Asked Questions

MDM solution traditionally refers to software that enables companies to control smartphones or tablets used by their mobile workforce for accessing the company’s IT resources. But with today ever increasingly mobile workforce, MDM solution has expanded to include general computing devices like laptops and desktops. 

JumpCloud is a Cloud-based MDM solution that supports both Windows and Mac desktop operating systems, including Linux. Unlike Windows Domain, there is no need to set up and maintain a hardware server for that purpose. It comes with a directory service to store the users’ usernames and passwords so that each user only has to remember one set of credentials for their emails, company computers, cloud applications, VPN, and even the company’s WIFI.

In today’s knowledge economy, Information Technology (IT) is essential for maximizing an employee’s productivity.

At the same time, there is a need to ensure that only authorized employees have access to the appropriate IT systems at the right time. E.g. The HR manager should be able to see how much each employee is drawing in the ERP system when it comes to the year-end performance appraisal, but probably no one else! This is called Identity and Access Management, IAM.

As a company expands, the number of users, computer systems, and applications tend to grow to a point whereby IAM is difficult to enforce manually eg. normally from 25 employees and above. This is where MDM solution like JumpCloud can help to manage user access to devices and applications to ensure only the right people has the access to the right information at the right time.

The short answer is Yes. Because of today’s increasingly mobile workforce and the ever-present prospect of compulsory work from home. A Domain laptop is no longer managed once it leaves the office, whereas an MDM-managed laptop is managed as long as it is connected to the internet.

JumpCloud MDM can manage devices side by side with MS AD, so that devices stay managed whether in or out of the office, without the need for VPN solutions.

At the same time, JumpCloud can also replace MS AD if you want to streamline your management platform.

With JumpCloud, you can potentially roll out endpoint management policies to satisfy some clauses in the following Annexes. Staying compliant is also much easier. There’s no need for hours of painful manual work to do this:

  • Annex A.5 – Information Security Policies
  • Annex A.6 – Organisation of Information Security
  • Annex A.8 – Asset Management
  • Annex A.9 – Access Control
  • Annex A.10 – Cryptography
  • Annex A.12 – Operations Security
  • Annex A.14 – System Acquisition, Development & Maintenance
  • Annex A.15 – Supplier Relationship

JumpCloud charges on a per user subscription, payable monthly or annually. The price ranges from 5 USD to 18 USD per user per month depending on the services subscribed to.

You can check out the pricing bundles offered by JumpCloud at As a partner and Managed Service Provider (MSP) of JumpCloud, we are able to provide a free evaluation with support and guidance and substantial savings on the paid plans.

As a JumpCloud Partner and MSP, we can take on your IT admin role or complement it. Services include:

  • Evaluation (free forever up to 10 users)
  • Implementation (Directory integration, App integration, Policy Management, Migration)
  • User and Device onboarding
  • User Training
  • Custom report and scripting
  • IT helpdesk for end user
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test
  • Load / Performance Test
  • CISO as a service

Perennial consultants are AWS, CREST and CISSP certified with years of experiences in IT infra and security.

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